Rust Repairs

With our rust repairs we try to look a bit further. There is no question that in most cases the only real way to guarantee rust will not return is to cut out the old metal and replace with new. Where we try to go further is to look more at where the rust can come back in the future not just where it is now. For example: If you have rust on a wheel arch you need to work out which side of the panel the rust is coming from because quite often the corrosion originates from the inside (where it can't be seen) and works its way through the panel breaking through as a rust bubble. Most people (if they're doing the job properly) will then cut out the rusted part and replace only that area. We will fully check the whole wheel arch (both sides of the panel) before we proceed with any rust repairs. Sounds simple but a surprising amount of rust repairs are done paying no attention what goes on on the other side which is never seen until it breaks through with another rust bubble!